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New focus on B2B

We are specialised in on-line restoration de fotos antiguas y muy dañadas.

Now, we have started a new stage...

We offer

  1. Quick service.
    • We work with an international team of specialists in digital image so we can work around the clock , we work 24 hour a day.
    • Our commitment, is to deliver orders in a maximum time of 48 hours being usual completion time within the same day.

  2. Great workload.
    • We can handle an enormous quantity of image works so we can provide services for a big number of franchises simultaneously.

  3. Service diversity.
    • Image restoration.
    • Photo retouch, people or objects elimination, photo mix up, background subtitution.
    • Commercial photography and digital make-up: shiny areas elimination, spots, skin imperfections, etc...

  4. Fixed Rates
    • Fixed rates for a given service, no need for price quotes, customer/franchise KNOW the cost of the service beforehand.

  5. Joint invoicing
    • The key factor to achieve fixed rates and low prices.
    • We invoice monthly to the mother company (brand holder).
    • The company invoices its franchisees in its own terms, conditions and commercial profit margin.

  6. Method of payment
    • Money Transfer.
    • Credit card.

  7. Technolgical support
    • High capacity email accounts
    • FTP server (File Transfer Protocol)

You get...

  1. Income.
    • Direct: Now you can offer new services and charge for them.
    • Indirect: vg If a costumer orders a picture restoration, its very likely he will order one or several additional copies or enlargementsa.

  2. Image. "Branding"
    • Brand name is asociated with HQ services.
    • Brand becomes more attractive for potential franchisees.

  3. Differentiation.
    • Now you can offer proffessional digital services without investing in expensive equipment and hiring personnel.
    • New services make your offer different from other brands offerings.
    • Differenciation raises barriers to avoid further competecence entering the business.

  4. Customers.
    • New niche markets become open.
    • New target customers with special needs.

  5. Increased customer fidelity.
    • Customers with special digital needs don´t need to go other shops to find them, so the posibilty of losing these customers decreases.

Get in contact with us at

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