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Professional Photographers

We offer

Probably you have in your business clients who ask you to restore old photographs , or pictures damaged by accident . You are willing to accept but, you don't have the time, equipment or skills necessary to face such a task, with the results and exceptional quality demanded by your clients.

The service we offer tries to cover this gap, so you don't have to spend a precious time in such a work, but on the other hand you can attend to your clients´requests.

If you have a high resolution scanner (min. 600 dpi) you must chose option A, if you don't ,or if you prefer us to do the complete process your option will be option B.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
OPTION A You scan the picture You send the file thorough email We send back an estimate via email You make the payment RESTORATION We send back the restored picture file thorough email You transfer the pictures to paper
OPTION B You send the picture thorough ordinary mail We scan the photo We send an estimate via email You make the payment RESTORATION We transfer the pictures to photo paper (chemical process) We send back the restored picture together with the original thorough ordinary mail

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As a launch offer we offer you one photo-restoration completely free.

Only valid for option A

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Prices have a 20% discount over general rates.

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